The Phoenix Air Scour System
Phoenix Air Scour System
Uniform air scour distribution 

The benefits of air scour assisted backwash are well documented and increasingly necessary to optimize filter performance.  The intent of any air scour system is to increase the efficiency of the backwash cycle and improve filter performance.  To maximize filter performance, depth filtration is essential and to sustain a depth filtration process, depth cleaning is required. 

The Phoenix Air Scour System is custom engineered to provide cost-effective uniform air scour distribution and a thorough depth cleaning.  Manufactured from Stainless Steel, the Phoenix Air Scour System is custom designed to ensure that long lasting air scour benefits will be achieved by any filter configuration.  It can be installed in-filter on top of existing underdrain systems, and is suitable for both gravity and pressure filters with no modification to the existing underdrain needed. 

Phoenix Panel System and Air Scour Grid

Phoenix Panel System with
Air Scour Grid

The Phoenix Air Scour System:

    Provides extremely uniform air scour
  •  Ideal for retrofits or new filters
  •  Installed with no underdrain 
     modifications required
  •  Flexible location of the main air manifold
  •  Custom engineered for granular gravity 
     or pressure filters
  •  Stainless Steel construction
  •  Assembled in-filter

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