Optimize Your Granular Media Filtration System

AWI has developed the technical know-how, products and services required to economically supply new or upgrade existing municipal and industrial granular media water filtration systems.  The benefits AWI brings to filtration projects are significant and include the following:

• Industry recognized expertise in granular media filter 
supply, installation, & optimization
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  Filter Media

Puracite Filter Anthracite
AWI granular filter media design, supply and placement is backed by a team of technical experts with extensive experience... more »


Filter Sand

Other Filter Media

Filter Upgrades & Retrofits

Phoenix Underdrain & Panel Systems

The Phoenix Underdrain System

• Complete, custom designed filter underdrain system optimizes both gravity & pressure system performance ... more »

The Phoenix Panel System

• Upgrades an existing water filtration system by installing directly over the existing filter underdrain system ... more »


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